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Elections 2000 Charlie Joseph CharlieJ I tried to reply immediately after Patos' second entry, but I couldn't upload. Now several hours later, I have to answer things that I tried to say first, before the "Why don't you research it" comment.

First the opening statement, which I never got to upload.
To Patos:
I'm inclined to agree with you. I like the things he says. I want to believe him. But the questions I mentioned have come from people for whom I have a great deal of respect. I need these things answered in my own mind before I can commit to him.

Now to answer some of the others.
Of course I have been to his site and many others trying to find the answers. I would not post such questions on a whim. McCain has been questioned about these things and of course he denies them. Hell, anyone would, even if they were guilty. I don't know that he is, but there is enough undercurrent for me to want to know for sure.
Most of the damning statements come from organizations dedicated to finding the answers about POW/MIAs from primarily Vietnam, but also from the Korean War. They have been called everything from self-serving phonies to rabble-rousers by many people in the government (of both political parties), including such a stalwart personage as John Deutch. And if you've been following the news, you all know how reliable he's turned out to be.
I've found these POW/MIA activists to be very straight-forward and seemingly honest. But, I'm still not ready to fully accept their anti-McCain agenda. But their passion is sufficient that I want answers to the questions raised.
Based solely on the issues discussed in the debates, in most newspapers, TV and other media, there would be but one choice for me and that would be McCain.
I have never been a POW and despite 20 years in the military, have never faced combat. I can't answer how I would have stood up. However, how he stood up is not the question. The questions are more along the lines that he is hiding things that he did or did not do. While everything these activists I spoke of say should be taken with a grain of salt, there are some compelling arguments that should at least make people think and seek the truth. I have been researching it. I say to others - Why don't you!


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