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Elections 2000 Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I like patos's reaction. Ages ago I posted a note here saying McCain and Bradley were the most admirable guys as far as I was concerned.

What I like about McCain is what I read in Robert Timberg's profile of him in "A Nightingale's Song," about the Iran-Contra affair, which was top-heavy with Naval Academy graduates. It's been expanded to a book, now.

McCain endured a lot in the Hanoi Hilton, and finally signed a confession, under torture. They broke his bones more than once and he came back for more. I'm not saying he loves his country more than I do, or you do, but he sure paid a price that I didn't pay.

I don't think it's fair to criticize the man for reacting to torture. Torture me and I'll sign anything you want, today, not tomorrow. McCain lasted out of grit, pure grit, based on a tradition that few of us even know about, much less comprehend. This doesn't mean I endorse all his politics, such as abortion. He has a strong right wing, and I don't like strong right wings. I like strong middle wings, but I haven't seen a bird with but two wings and I never like the left, coming from Faw Cawnahs, where I think that wuz outlawed or sumptin.'

On StatNisland, a middle-of-da-roader wuz left wing, as I recall. As a witty guy once said, the only thing in the middle of the road is a yellow stripe and a dead armadilla! I think that's crude, don't you?

McCain has a remarkable ability to tell you the other guys are corrupt for takin' the same money he is, and are all fulla sh*t, which they are, otherwise they wouldn't be runnin' for president, would they? Isn't that the prerequisite for runnin'? Don't I want to be promised a buncha things that are never going to come to pass? Hasn't almost everything good that's ever happened in this country occurred despite most presidential acts, not because of them? Of course, every once in a while, some president does something that really counts. When that happens, I'd like a McCain or a Bradley.

Was talkin' to a lawya' I know who tells me McCain is comin' to his office soon in Northern California on a campaign swing. California has a lotta votes. McCain skipped Iowa, because he doesn't wanna give 'em an ethanol subsidy. Wrote off Ioway, and is comin' to Californy. Guy ain't stupid the way I see it. Think I'm gonna tell my friend I wanna meet this guy. Who knows, I may wanna be a mail carrier someday, soon.


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