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Here's Da Way It Is Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Okay, you guys, here's the way it is.

This is the StatNisland website. You say you're from StatNisland. You post lists of this and lists of that. Yet, we never hear anything from you, or very little, about your life and experiences on S.I. Except for your assurances, we'd hardly know you were from there, except who else would talk to people who say they're from StatNisland except other Islanders.

So, Harry, Corsair, and all of you other characters, do you think you could tell us a little something about where you went to school, where you played ball, or played in the band, or took your best girl, who you hung around with, where you wet your whistle, or went bouncin,' or what took you off the Island? What bakeries did you like, or pizzerias, or ferryboats, or parks? Anything that makes you an Islander, in addition to the fact that you talk to us.

Just thought I'd ask.

I got a big kick out of CJ comin' to San Fran a year or so ago to check my immigration papers. Since I haven't been deported yet, I guess they haven't caught my grandparents' lies.

Haven't seen OT around here in awhile; hope she's okay, and the Commodore.


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