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Elections 2000 Charlie Joseph CharlieJ While on the surface, as a veteran, I generally like the things McCain says he stands for, but there are certain questions I need answered. While many veteran groups are for him, there are some significant groups against him. The basis of their anti-McCain stance are the same questions that if true, trouble me.
1. Why was he 10 pounds heavier upon his release from captivity than when he was captured, while all other POW's were emaciated.
2. What is the reality surrounding the picture purporting to show him clad in the POW 'pajamas' with a set of sweats underneath, while other POW's had only the Pajamas to shiver in.
3. Why, when senior POW's are questioned about his conduct as a prisoner seem to spout the patent government answer, while junior POWs often decline to answer, sometimes with a sneer.
4. Why did he apparently accept the North Vietnamese claim that all prisoners have been returned, while the issue is still in question.

There are other issues they claim, but these four are enough for me to wonder.

I want to like him, but I am not convinced that we don't have a charlatan on our hands.


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