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On 9/14/98 10:35:38 AM, Bob wrote:
>My Mother and I used to sit in the back room of Duke
>Fraziers where she would have a Tom Collins and I would
>have a coke and they used to give us cheese and crackers.

Whenever my cousin Willie would come down from County Bronx to visit us, he would always stop off at Duke's first. He told us about a poor soul who used to show up at various times and offer to sweep the floor for a drink. Cousin Willie never knew this man's name, but he always called him "the guy who plays first broom at Duke's."

I remember sitting next to my Uncle Gene at the bar, Gene with a beer, me with a cream soda, watching Floyd Bill Bevens lose his no-hitter and the ball game in the 1947 Series. A horrible day.

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