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On 9/14/98 10:35:38 AM, Bob wrote:
>I seem to recall a girl I knew (older than me) I was 10 in
>1940, whose (father ?) owned the store on Cary Av. up from
>Abe Fendrichs. I can't remember her name.

Well, I was 6 in 1940, and the man who owned the store you're talking about was called Abe Barland. He had three daughters: Pearl, who would be in her very early seventies today, Sydell (I don't know how to spell her name) who was about ten years younger than Pearl, and Isadora, who'd be in her mid-to-late fifties.

Abe was a Jewish gentleman who was born in Russia, and lately I've started to wonder if that was why we used to call that store The Red Store. Probably not, because Abe was certainly not a Communist. He was an entrepreneur, and besides that he may have been the most good-natured man who ever lived on Staten Island.

Do you remember hearing his store, and the store that belonged to Abe Fendrich, called The Red Store and The Blue Store? It's been a deep mystery to me for nearly sixty years.

I don't remember the bar at South Street and Broadway. I do remember a bar and pizzeria at Seneca Street and Broadway (I think that's where it was). And I remember another bar and pizza place called the Tropical Palms, but I think that may have been on Castleton Ave. The mind grows fuzzy.

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