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Medicare Dan Blaine DBLIVIT While I agree with the premise that the medicare bureaucracy has become a monster, especially with the honest small practitioners, I've had the same experience that Patos has had with false billing. The local hospital (Cape Canaveral) at the time was billing my dad for oxygen during his stay and he never had it.

I also observed strange doctors that came into his room, copied his name and patient number off of his chart and then vanished...only to find their names on the bills that came in months later...after he was already dead.

The German health care industry is going through the same thing right now...computerizing the diagnosis codes and the prescribed medicines...except I believe the medical profession over here has really been ripping off the public for many years under the guise of socialized medicine...the German public has had the attitude: "If I don't pay for it (directly), why should I worry if the doctor wets his beak?"


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