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Medicare Debra Phares Murphy RRS I went to a Medicare conference the other day (1/27/00). They (the government) have been talking about this "Data Base" system they've been working on. Well, it's finally turned on. And what does it do? All the information going across the wires are sucked into this "Data Base". The company's EIN#, even the staffs SS#'s. What are they looking for? FRAUD Did you realize the Fraud Claims Act was inacted in Lincoln's time to make surethat the ammunitions and war supplies sold them were not defective. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the healthcare industry. And if you want to fight them. Don't. If you bill electronically or mail claims, you've just committed other frauds. Electronicfraud and mail fraud. You want to keep fighting, they will also. So where does it end. It makes you scared to even stay in the medical field. Even your documentation is fraud if it can't be read (legible). Undercoding, overcoding, discounts, writeoffs, and a million other things they can get you on. And when you signed up for Medicare, you didn't read the fine print. When you signed, you signed a waiver to due process! They even pay people now to turn in their doctor. They have fraud busters on the internet and fraud hunters who are out to find you. "Everyone" has been audited in the last 60 days by this "Data Base". Its only a matter of time now. Yes, we (the medical field) created this monster or helped in it somewhere sometime. So now we have to pay the piper. But sometimes it feels like instead of helping those of us trying, they just don't want anyone in this field. There is so much going on and the stress is building that just thinking about it makes it hard to do your work. There is no perfection in any of this. No matter how hard you try, they will get you somewhere/somehow. They said they overpaid us billions of dollars and now they want their money back and they're going to get it. I don't understand why everyone just doesn't try to do whats right. You may make a mistake every now and then (which is still no excuse to Medicare), but the ones blatantly doing this is making us little guys pay as well. Not to mention the patients that will no longer have our facility to go to. Lets clean up our act or at least head towards correcting the problem. If "we" don't, Medicare will. And Medicare will be there to lock up the jail cell because we didn't and we thought we would get them as long as we could. Is jail worth it? What can a person do to help with this stress? I know, get out of the business. But why run everytime there is a problem to be solved? Being part of a solution rather the problem seems alot better to me. So what does one do? Leave the job? Get into another field? Continue to plug along and try to fix whatever you can? What is everyone else doing? What are your opinions on these entities the government has created which we are paying for? Do you have other information which could help? Thanks for letting me let out my stress. I only want to do the right thing. But sometimes doing the right thing is very, very stressful. Especially when you have no one to talk to. Just blowing off a long day. Thank you all for at least listening.

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