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DBLIVIT & PAT Please Report In Charles Schleininger corsair Just tell Marge to look at the six on a clock.Or maybe the old Eddie Fisher standard: " I'm walking behind you ... ".

I believe the Greeks & Portuguese are still flying A-7's. Thailand got a few but I don't know if they got them off the ground.Speaking oh "hassling" some time back the F14's had a engine problem & were restricted to their power level. During this time a group of them were intercepted by some of the A-7's out of Lemoore. All the fighter could do was grin & bear it!

Then there was the challenge at the O Club, one Friday when it was still stag. Some F-14 were in & after a few beers excepted a challenge from one of the A-7 pilots. After a few more beers they set the ground rules. The F-14 had to fly in the A-7 envelope. The 14 got waxed. That guy never came back, but they had his credit card number. I don't remember what the bill was but I hope he was not married as he would have had some explaining to do.

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