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Politics or family? Marguerite Rivas sipoet I wholeheartedly agree with you all (youse guys) that this boy belongs with his father. How dare anyone presume to keep him here? That mother, had she lived, should have been charged with endangering her child. What mother, in her right mind, would risk her child's life like that? Either she was operating under duress or she was not operating with a full deck. Yikes, I still hold my 10 year old's hand at the intersection; I couldn't imagine putting her on a boat like that. They say the guy with whom she fled was no good -- criminal record, a bully. Okay, but you know what, some guy who wants to jeopardize my kid, I'd be the first one to pick up the phone and rat him out. This makes me so mad. Also, this bribery b.s. in Florida is so sickeningly obvious. Why wouldn't the kid want to stay? Disneyworld, toys, treats, his little a-- being kissed all the time. Double yikes -- if someone took my kids and lavished all of that on them, I don't suppose they'd be in such a hurry to leave, especially if they were told that I was "in heaven" or some such. A child belongs with his father, especially one that has been instrumental in caring for him. You bet your a-- that if it had been the mother left behind and her child taken by the father, that kid would have been home weeks ago.
This is a damn disgrace.
Marguerite (hopping mad)

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