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DBLIVIT & PAT Please Report In John Ritter JR Gina,

Don't worry Dan knows how to set Yoke. He also can take soundings and work the bilge pumps from his days on the "Greasy G."

Now what is the Greasy G? Its the only known replenishment oiler whose name starts with the letter "G" This shiop was a movie star as it plays a 1 sec. clip in the John Wayne move In Harms Way... Was Dan on the ship then?

Also known as the USS Guadalupe (ex-Esso Raleigh) of the
T3-S2-A1 type 553' 25.5 K tons full load,
4 foster/wheeler boilers + 2 shafts max speed 18 Kts

My Oiler the Mississinewa was rated at 20 Kts but we could get her up to 24.


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