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Politics or family? Irene Molway quill iquill I worked in Family Court for 6 1/2 yrs and 99% of the time the Court, "in the child's best interest", preferred a child to be with his/her parent/parents. The few exceptions were usually abuse, neglect or incest.

The circumstances of this child may be different but the "in the child's best interest" rule should apply to him as well. He's not a pawn of US politics, Miami's "Little Havana" or Cuba. He's a little boy put in a position he had no control over and needs to be soothed and comforted by people and things familiar to him so he can finally grieve his tremendous loss and get on with HIS life.

His future will be his to decide when he is older and can make his own intelligent decisions and determinations as to where he wishes to live.

Who knows, by then perhaps we will have diplomatic relations with Cuba and all Cubans and Cuban Americans and anyone for that matter can come and go as they please.


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