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Everyone is "fine," except for those who aren't breathing any more, and it is only their lives, the latter, that is, about whom it can be told how their lives turned out. As for those who remain breathing, their lives are still in the process of turning out so the story cannot yet be told. None of them have missed a breath since you last saw them, and probably very few meals, to boot. Some have probably married and had kids, worked here and there, and probably still are working. Some of the least responsible may have matured and become most responsible, and vice versa. Some may have retired if enough time has passed, otherwise they continue to live, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, year-by-year, wherever and however they can. No doubt they'd be happy to hear from, or of, you, and how your life turned out, but I suspect that if asked, you'd probably say it hasn't quite finished turning out yet, but is still in the process, and that you continue to work and hope for good things to come, on top of the pleasant and not so pleasant experiences you've had so far. So, from all of your old StatNisland friends, Good Health and Good Cheer for now and the future.

Meanwhile, how have you been since you last saw the Roller Rink? -rs

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