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Gorilla Capture Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I've been telling this "Shoot the Chihuahua" joke all day long like I owned it and haven't failed to get a laff, not counting me trying to keep a straight face.

It doesn't matter how old it is, it's how you drag it out, or speed it up, while telling it.

To tell it, first you have to stop laughing.

It reminds me of an old joke I told Marcovecchio.

Marcovecchio is from StatNisland. We have the daily laff at the Caffe Roma, where he pretends to practice law, should the phone ring once in awhile. Went to Curtis.

Here's the story.

Little island off Sicily, or Calabria...anyplace you feel like needling.

Place is overrun with rats.

They get up a town council to deal with getting rid of them.

Guy says, why don't we import some cats from the mainland, turn 'em loose, and pretty soon, no more rats!

Good idea. They go for it and that's what they do. Pretty soon, sure enough, no more rats.

Only one problem.

You guessed it. Too many cats.

Another town council meeting. Another suggestion. This time it's dogs.

Dogs are imported to get rid of the cats. Sure enough, the dogs clean out the cats. Peace is restored. Only one problem. In a little while, the place is overrun by dogs.

What to do.

Another town council meeting. This time they agree to import gorillas, about two dozen, and turn 'em loose, to wipe out the dogs. They do this and it works. No more dogs, hallelujah!

Only one problem. Now the place is overrun with gorillas. This is not a shaggy gorilla story.

Another town council meeting. Whatta we gonna do? We're going to have to take care of the gorillas ourselves, they decide, in meeting assembled.

That night they all go out, armed to the teeth with clubs.
A battle royal follows, with many blows struck.

Next night, they all assemble at the meeting hall, and they are a mess.

Tony has a bruised eye, and Vito has knots on his head. All the men of the village are bruised and banged up, and still the gorillas are all over the place, terrorizing the townspeople.

Guido says, "We gotta do something, whatta we gonna do?"

Tony says, "I dunno, I think we gotta go out again, tonight, with the clubs, and take care of those gorillas, only this time..., we all gonna wear hats."

So, all Marcovecchio does when he sees me is to say, "We all gonna wear hats," and I'm useless until I stop laughing.



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