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Lane Theater, New Dorp, Thanksgiving Time '50 Some Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Harry,
When was that. The back of the Lane was one of my favorite places too.

Here's a true story that happened to me one night there. On weekend nights, when I was around 16 and would be invited by my girl friend's parents to leave their house in Stapleton, I'd come back home to New Dorp. Being Friday or Sat nite, I'd often go by the Lane and catch the end of a movie before going home. The ticket office was closed by then and the guy that was supposed to be guarding the door was a high school kid that usually looked the other way, so I'd just go in. Several of my friends did it too. This night, though I was alone. I don't recall what the movie was, but the theater was crowded so it must have been good. Anyway, I found a seat up on that last row. After a little while the guy sitting to my right, got up and asked me to watch his seat. I said "Sure" and off he went. He came back a few minutes later and handed me a candy bar -"For watching my seat" he said. "Thanks" said I and munched away on it. After I finished, I lit a cigarette (Yeah, I smoked back then) and relaxed to watch the movie. All of a sudden, I feel this guy rubbing my thigh with his hand. I casually rolled my right hand over with the cigarette in it and ground it into the back of his hand. Naturally, his hand disappeared quickly, but he never made a sound. Just grimaced and held his hand. A few minutes later he got up and left.
I guess today, I'd be accused of mal-treating a person who prefers an alternate life style. But, remember he tried to play touchy-feely with me first. I've been amazed all my life how he managed to not scream or yelp when I pushed the cigarette into the back of his hand.
Anyway, I'd never seen this guy before and never saw him again.
Still can't remember what the movie was.


PS. For those who might think I was an undisciplined hood or JD then, I'll accept the undisciplined, but claim a certain amount of self-discipline. I worked every day after school and all day Saturday, so I was allowed a little freedom on weekend nights. As long as my time was spent with my girl friend at a movie or dance or one of our homes and we were not allowed unchaperoned in each others house - although being resourceful we sometimes found a way:-) I was not allowed to hang-out with the non-working 'bums' (some of whom were my friends) who just hung around. That would have ended my freedom and I knew it.

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