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Politics or family? Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Good Dan,
Shoulda been brought up sooner. The politicians and others who spout how important family is are missing the point for sure. The father is the boy's closest living relative. Unless he is personally unfit, then that's all that should matter. That's where the boy should be. With his father. Not the political football he is.
Incidentally, I believe that now, INS is trying to do the right thing. I've only heard one person mention it in the news, but making the boy a citizen has more behind it than many people realize. It's an end run to try to get around INS. If the boy is made a citizen, then the INS will have no jurisdiction. They would have get out of the case. INS has no jurisdiction over US citizens, except in cases of alien smuggling, which is not the issue here. That would take the one government agency that truly appears to be looking out for the boy out of the picture.
I think it's time for people who are concerned to write their legislator(s).


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