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Lane Theater, New Dorp, Thanksgiving Time '50 Some Harry White hrwhite I'm not sure why this came to mind but it did so I'm posting it. While in high school it was a Friday nite ritual to go to the Lane and sit in the last row of the balcony with friends. On this particular Friday nite they were giving away a lot of turkeys. To win you had to put your name in a box at some local food market. During intermission the lights were turned on and the theater manager went up on the stage and started pulling names out of the box. After calling 10 to 15 names with no one had gone forward to get a turkey. It was boring. I told my friends that I was going to stand up and go to the stage when the next males name was called and I told them to start clapping and cheering. Some male name was called. I stood up and started down the aisle. My friends started clapping and cheering. It was contagious, everyone started to cheer and clap thinking that someone in the audience had finally been present to win. I walked down the aisle in the orchestra area and sat down in the front row. Everyone began to laugh. The manager turned red with rage. I stood up took a bow and sat back down. When the manager finished he came off the stage and escorted me out of the theater. It was months before I was allowed back into the Lane. I guess I was always a wise guy and a ham. Harry

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