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Politics or family? George Jaenicke grjaenicke I just can't believe what right that anyone has to keep this child from his father. I understand that the father was the primary caretaker for this boy and had him five days a week. The mother decided to take him without the fathers consent. Take all the politics out of it, the child belongs with his father, and the father apparently wants him back. I don't know if his father is being pressured by the Castro government to say he wants him back, but quite frankly it is none of our business. The boy belongs to his dad.

And who are we to even think of imposing US citizenship on this child. He's a little kid for Pete's sake he can't make an intelligent decision on what he wants in this matter. People should put themselves in the fathers position and see how they would feel if this was their child. It is not like the father had no contact with him, as I stated earlier, he had him five days a week.

No doubt that he would have a better life here than in Cuba, but that is not our decision to make, nor that of his relatives here. His closest relative is his dad. I am sure that his life in Cuba was not as good as it would be here , but the fact of the matter is people do live and lead normal lives by Cuban standards there.

Stop using him as a political pawn and return him to his father. As a side note I wonder what this charade has cost the US taxpayers so far. A typical example of politicians getting political exposure and mileage at our expense.

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