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I remember both stores ! I lived on Cary Ave. , a block down from Duke Fraziers. I seem to recall a girl I knew (older than me) I was 10 in 1940, whose (father ?) owned the store on Cary Av. up from Abe Fendrichs. I can't remember her name. My Mother and I used to sit in the back room of Duke Fraziers where she would have a Tom Collins and I would have a coke and they used to give us cheese and crackers. I thought the whole thing sooooo
"glamouous" at the time ( Hey, I was 10 !!)
Did you know the Helen and Bobby Hollywood
who lived on Broadway ?
I also lived on South St. and Henderson Ave.
Do you remember the bar on the corner on South St. and Broadway owned by Donald Caccavo ? My Mother operated a hat shop on Castleton Ave.
Bob from La Canada/Flintridge, Ca.

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