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What happened to my country Marguerite Rivas sipoet Stan,
I didn't mean to point fingers. I didn't mean that I thought you were a racist,but that it seemed that there was an underlying racism to some of the comments posted. I sure do hear your frustration. We live in different parts of the country so our experiences with this issue are certainly different. Your story about your car accidents really hit home. A similar thing happened to me, except that I was almost killed. A van blew through a stop sign in New Dorp and crashed, at a high rate of speed into my car, crushing it and causing me to have a head and eye injury. The vitreous humor detached from the back of my eye and my vision was affected. My short term memory was also disrupted (which isn't a good thing when you are in graduate school). The driver had recently arrived from another country, and he presented the cops with a driver's license issued to a forty year old woman (he was a twenty-something male) and his vehicle was registered to a restaurant in Manhattan. He spoke not a word of English and I doubt whether he even knew what the Stop sign meant. My new car was totalled,and I had to quit my teaching job because I couldn't read and grade the papers, and I lost twenty pounds from anxiety. It took me a long time to recover. I sued but got practically nothing . My lawyer wanted me to settle because at the time I was in the middle of a high-risk pregnancy and he said he didn't think it would be worth it, and, they couldn't locate the guy who hit me anymore.
In addition, there was something shady about the insurance company. Go figure. Anyway it took me years before I could drive without worrying about drivers of the same cultural background as this guy. I know it is the most ridiculous thing, but these kinds of things hit us in the gut and trauma is not a rational thing. So, I understand your frustration, but eventually I realized that there are dangerous jerks in every culture and had to examine my fears in the cold light of day. I'm not proud of my ridiculous over-reaction. Just thought I'd share this.

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