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What happened to my country Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Re: "Illegals"

In Spanish, the preferred term is "sin papeles" meanining people "without papers."

In reference to people from Mexico, for the most part we get some of their best people, and should count ourselves lucky. Along with a relatively small number of assh*les.

The reason I say we get their best is because we get mothers and fathers coming here to work to feed their kids. We ought to pin medals on them.

These people are as law abiding as you and me when it comes to behaving themselves.

In California during the war, we imported field hands from Mexico by the thousands to pick crops. The program (called the "Bracero," for strong arms) lasted until the mid-Fifties, and was replaced by other programs to allow the same thing. If you were a grower in the Valley, your business depended on the pickers coming in. The pickers sent a lot of money home. They put food on your table, those tomatoes in winter, and grapes at Safeway. Today the hotels and restaurants in California are staffed mainly by people from Mexico. They contribute in taxes and in generating income for their employers far more than they collect in welfare or benefits. That's why they're here, because we, meaning our politically influential business people, want them here and make sure they stay, so you can eat.

Of course many people from Mexico sneak in, but that's something merely prohibited, as opposed to evil.

I'd hate to have a modern immigration inspector recheck all the documents, claims, and denials uttered by our own ancestors when passing through Ellis Island. We might find that in their zeal to leave the old country to live on StatNisland they fudged enough on the application to qualify as "illegals."

It's way too easy to get down on other people because they are foreign, by which we often mean lesser beings than us. This says more about us than it does about them and I generally try to avoid displaying my ignorance and intolerance in public more than I usually do.


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