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Arkansas Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu ok use guys and gals, ya had ya fun, but guess what --- i'm gonna have da last laugh.

yep, i love the mapo tree sap stuff. every time i get up ta vamount i bring back a galon or two.

den dars da cobb smoked bacon and ham, hep ya ain't had decent ham or bacon unless it is corn bobb smoked. nutted better on dis earth.

as for an siland guess room, ya betcha jockey shorts there will be a guest room. visiters always are a welcome.

now all i gotta doo is tell the mrs to pack her longings and get a moving wit me ta GOD's great wonderland.

as for rutland, yea i know how day named da place, dem dears really know how ta rut up dare in da north.


p.s. my spell check just when belly up se daisy

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