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What happened to my country Stanley J. Singer sjsinger Marguerite,

I guess that I didn't make myself exactly clear. I am not a racist by any stretch of that term. To understand this look at my record among the youth of this city. No one could be more proud of the little youngster from Mexico who all dressed up in his boy Scout uniform recited the pledge of allegiance while saluting the American flag and was so happy to be called an American.

I am against illegal immigration and the great toll it is taking in our city, in our schools and in our daily life. Some one million illegal Mexicans have crossed the border illegally and have used our welfare
system to the degree that other needy folks have fallen in the cracks. It is aided and abetted by the Mexican Government who is glad to be rid of their poor, uneducated, sick and criminals.

I grew up in an era when people migrated legally to the U.S. strived desperately to become good citizens without welfare or the dole and aided by their country men who preceded them. Now all we hear is the whining deploring the conditions not from where they came but what they find here in the U.S. despite the handout and welfare given.


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