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What happened to my country Stanley J. Singer sjsinger Dear Mr. Anonymous,

Why should I move, although I am a third generation Islander, I chose to move to Houston in 1941, married a Houstonian, raised a family, have myriads of relatives here in the Houston Area. During my days, I was a Boy Scout Leader, Air Scout Leader, was active in Jr. Achievement, Established a rather large Little League organization headed a large department store chain was active in many civic organizations and have many, many friends. Now you are asking me to leave the place I call home, because of the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who swarm across the border, stifle our welfare programs, and do not contribute to the good and welfare of my city.

I do not complain of legal immigrants who become Americans in fact or theory, these people are welcome and I feel their pride when they raise their voices to further the ideals that made the USA what it was.

Stan Singer

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