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**snow**snow**snow** Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu ha ha ha bob. so you perfer to be tinkled on. good for you.

here in maryland, just outside D.C. have about 6 inches so far and still snowing.

just got in after blowing snow away from 9 houses where elderly people live, not counting me cuz one of those hosues was mine.

did a little in the back yard for the doggies so they can do their business later.

anyway, still snowing here and most of my work done.

now i got some neighbors down the road want me to do their homes. told em $50 per home which includes side walk, and driveway. but no walkways that have stairs. and i don't do the street or their cars unless they fork over anutter 50 bucks. so far four takers which i will do after i get some soup and warm up just a tad.

c u guys and gals later


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