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The alte Kocher was on his death bed at home. His children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were gathered around the bed already in mourning. All of a sudden the old man opened his eyes and asked his oldest son if he was already in heaven.

The son said: “No papa, you’re still here with us.” The old man said: “ I thought I was dead, because I can smell your mother’s Apple Strudel baking. It seems so real I can almost taste it. If I could only have a piece of it now, I would be content.”

The son replied: “Papa, you don’t have to worry, Momma’s baking it downstairs right now, and I’ll go get you a piece.”

In a little while the son came back into the room with his eyes downcast, not wanting to look at his father. “Nu? Where is the Strudel?” asked the old man.

“Momma said nobody gets any until after the funeral.”, replied the son.

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