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**snow**snow**snow** Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Yeah Rich,
This is the big one, that we ain't had down here in several years. If you been watchin' the ch 9 news, they've been saying "Target-Leonardtown". Well I'm about 20 miles south of there, but it sure seems like a target here too.
Snow was drifted up against the patio doors to the deck when I went to let the dogs out at 05:30. All the wimps just turned around and said "we don't hafta' go THAT bad". But, one of the males did I guess. He broke a trail through and the females and older male followed. Then I had to go out and dig a better trail to the windswept area of the backyard and dig out around the heat pump. Also had to go collect the deck furniture that I hadn't tied down. This thing really caught us by surprise.
Guess I gotta' get some pictures. Snow like this down here, although not unknown (we once had 23"), is kinda rare.
Good luck to all of you up North. I know it's started for you, but you got a lot more to come. It's not gonna' end here till sometime this afternoon, or so they say.


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