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What happened to my country Irene Molway quill iquill Gotta stick my 2 cents in too.

When the laws of a state allow loose welfare rules, alternative language classes and the like and a body of people don't like it USE YOUR VOTING POWER..We did it in New York 6 yrs ago and it worked. State welfare laws have been severely tightened. When the Bronx school system wanted courses taught in Spanish in certain schools, teachers and the local populace VOTED AGAINST IT. When NYC residents, store owners and theater owners had had enough of the junkies, beggars and vendors in mid town and tourism dropped dastically, they finally said enough of 50 years of liberalism and VOTED IN AN ENTIRE NEW REGIME.
The power has always been in the vote, no matter what you politics or preferences may be.USE IT,
The problem lies in complacency. Perfect example, Iowa expected a large voter turnout this week and ONLY 20 PERCENT OF REGISTERED VOTERS pulled that lever.

Now if we want to gripe and complain, that is what we should complain about. Because 90 percent or more immigrants come here just for that precious right. Join a party, any party and work to get the vote out any way you can. Lobby for tighter MV laws or whatever your cause is. If we had to fight in a war, millions would do it, so make voting your war and this time it would be for YOURSELVES, YOUR families and YOUR state & country.

sorry to go on n on'nuf said, Irene

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