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What happened to my country Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Telling other people to "move" if they don't like things the way they are is always the cheap, glib answer. Perhaps the contributor realized this and that's why (s)he went "Anonymous."

I had a conservative economics professor at Wagner, Charlie Kramer, who I admired for his many good attributes. The one I didn't admire was his prescription for blacks in general who didn't like their job prospects in the South, the North, etc. It was to move.

Easy for him to say. He had a job.

It's always a lot easier to tell the person whose shoe is being pinched to move, rather than to do the hard job, which is to address the possible solutions to the problem.

That's what we have lawmakers and political leaders for. Sometimes it takes a long time. Some problems are harder to deal with than others. And always, they seem to recur in one form or another.

Shoveling it against the tide, some people call it. Progress is what others call it.


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