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What happened to my country Stanley J. Singer sjsinger I guess I am giving way to my frustrations over the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants into our area and that is what cause me to write the first item.

To illustrate my frustration, I own two late model luxury automobiles fully insured and inspected by the state. In the past six months, I have been hit by another car, each time while I was either parked or at a stop light. The first time occurred in a Mall parking lot when I returned to my car someone had run into it causing considerable damage. The car that had run into mine was still there but spectators said that the driver, a Latino as soon as he hit my car jumped out of the old wreck he was driving and ran away. When the police arrived, I was told that either the car was stolen or the driver was an illegal. The car was so old it could not be traced, it had gone through many owners who failed to register the sale. As the driver was no longer around, I was forced to have my insurance company less the deductible pay for the damages.

Two months later, while stopped at a red light, another wreck of a car hit me from behind severely damaging my auto. The police arrived discovered that the driver did not have a license, the car did not have an inspection sticker, and the license plate belonged to another person. They arrested the driver, who incidentally did not speak a word of English, let him post a ridiculous low bail ordered by a Latino magistrate. When the time came for trial, the driver of that car had allegedly fled to Mexico and could not be found. Again my insurance company paid and I am certain that my rates will rise next year.

Friday I went to the license bureau to buy new plates for the car. When I arrived there was a line and I was told that it would take two to three hours to be waited on. An announcement was made that all those who could not speak English should form another line and that they would be handled first as the interpreter had to leave early.

Now you see why some of us are frustrated. The inequities go on and on. '

One more a Mexican female can come across the border give birth to a child who is automatically an American Citizen and automatically eligible for welfare. Initial cost of the natal treatment to the citizens of Texas $7500.00

I could go on and on.


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