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Garber Brothers Store Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Ayy, Gina,

If I sold yer Dad a hat, it fit and he's probly still wearin' it!

Guys don't like to throw clothes away. I know a guy who's so rich he could own the shoe factory. You look at his shoes and it looks like he couldn't afford to get 'em repaired, they're so broken down.

Guys are proud they make things last. I hate to get rid of a car I've grown accustomed to.

One day an old timer came into Archie's, his wife wanted him to buy a new suit. The one he's wearing, he's proud of; it's lasted him a generation at least.

So he's got a salesman who's trying to help him, even tho' he doesn't really like the idea of getting a new suit.

Customer tells the sales guy, "This suit is thirty years old!"

Sales guy, not me believe it or not, tells him, "It looks it."

Other salesmen had their own idiosyncracies. One guy I worked with spent all his earnings on sport jackets. He sold 'em, he wanted 'em, he got a discount on 'em, so he bought 'em.

I got an hour for lunch. I'd grab a sandwich, hop in the car, and drive down to where the Bethlehem Steel yard and the Bayonne Bridge were, sit in the car, look at the water, eat the sandwich, and think, "I gotta get o u t of here."

I did.


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