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What happened to my country Brian Cullen Ace328bc I don't know if this will change your mind, but here is my take on it. No doubt you are aware that the Hispanic community, within the next 50 years or so, will no longer be a minority, and the whites (Caucasians) will eventually become a minority. Did you fight in the war for white people to always be the majority, or did you fight for the right of all Americans to reach the heights of their abilities? If English, due to changing times, slowly becomes a minority language, then that will be determined by the language being spoken by the majority of Americans. Please don't misunderstand my post, I have utmost respect for all veterans, but times change, and the future will be far different than what we can imagine. American ideals include freedom for all people, and if there are more and more people speaking Spanish and the landscape is changing for everybody, then we should break out the Spanish dictionaries and work for the days that our military is dominated by those other than white people and make SURE that they uphold and fight for the same ideals that you and all the veterans through the years have fought for.

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