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E-mailers Anonymous Irene Molway quill iquill True story that just happened to me at abt 5:30 this afternoon.
I'm sitting upstairs on line all day trying to figure out how to connect Webtv with SI chat room 'cause I don't have Java and needed an IRC wen I hear someone driving down the drive and then running up the back steps and banging on back door.

It's an old SI buddy of mine (anyone remember Nick Picciocio from Dongan Hills?)) who lives abt 6 miles down the road apiece. Now I'm thinking oh God his mom died or something equally bad.

Nope, he got a call from my daughter 200 miles away who hasn't been able to get thru by phone for 2 weeks and she thinks we're buried in the snow or frozen to death with this 20 to 50 below zero weather.
I was gonna' call her at least 50 times but I only have one phone line and no call waiting.
How sick are my priorities??
PS. we are freezing our gazakstahagens off. fingers are numb but I keep typing away.

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