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What happened to my country Stanley J. Singer sjsinger It took me four days to cool off after reading in the paper that a small town on the Texas border with Mexico but a U.S. Incorporated town would hold their city council meetings in Spanish. Than about the town in New Mexico that insists that the courts employ interpreters for jurors who cannot speak or understand English. My telephone bill, my voters ballot, my electric light bill,arrives in English and Spanish and all of our schools our bi-linqual ad infinitum. The education of those speaking english is diluted by the time and money spent on holding classes in spanish.

We have a big holiday and parade on Cinque de Mayo day but forget the Presidents day and hardly remember the fourth.

Our politicians blinded by the fact that they need the vote encourages the denegration of America and Our ideals. Is this why I served my country in WW II, Korea ,Vietnam and the Cuban crisis.

I guess I should stop now and hope that my anger abates.


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