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Garber Brothers Store Gina * Gina LUV dem fedoras

My Dad, all his brothers & their uncles never left home without it...Fall/Winter/Spring...with the exception of 1 uncle who did the year round thing - said it protected his full head of hair from the NY elements & the stuff birds do while flying it whatever, I still think a man wearing a fedora is a sharp l^oo^k.

I remember my Mom buying my brothers first Easter Sunday fedora at Garbers he loved blue jodfer riding outfit & a fedora at age 4 LOL. By age 6 he wanted to l^oo^K just like Daddy & Uncles sooooooooo off to Garbers again for "the real mini thing" My Bro went to school at St. John's Villa at the time and grabbed his suave fedora every morning as he left the house...his fedora was the start of his first all girl Fan was childhood cutsie puppy luv for sure ROFL

Although my Dad did some shopping at Archie Jacobson's - never know it just might have been RS-salesman who was waiting on him as he tried on the wrong sized fedora causing a giggle commotion.

There was a similar store to Archie Jacobson's on New Dorp Lane called Marino's - it was across the Lane from Armel Jewelers - owned by one of the Garbers at the time...more often than not Marino's was Dad's men's store of choice - especially cause it was on our side of the Island & much more convenient :)

BTW could there be some truth to Great Uncles "fedora protection, NY element theory" - he's 92 still living on Staten Island and would "U" believe he SILL has a full head of hair (salt & pepper - still some black hair too WOW) - YEP! he sure does...shhhhhhhhh don't read this too loud but my Dad (now passed on) and 2 of his brothers ended uP bald (they always carry a comb with them too ROFL) while the 3rd brother who ALWAYS totes a fedora or hat of some kind w/ him still has most of his hair - we'll be celebrating his 70th birthday this year. Great Uncle never drove a car, still grows & cans most of his own veggies, shops almost everyday (weather permitting), has coffee, juice & whatever (eggs, toast cereal, pizza, fruit) every morning, 3 meals per day - LUVs Strawberries & Ice Cream - little snacking, 1 small glass of dark red wine w/ dinner each evening, still smokes occasionally, watches the late news & Tonight Show & laughs like hell in broken English at a good joke & Loves having Family/Friends around sharing good food, sometimes LOUD debates, a card game and bs session - says he's walked his way through life shaking hands, wearing a g'day smile and has enjoyed every picturesque moment of it - but DON'T ruin his day by getting him mad or uPset over trivial events.


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