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Arkansas Irene Molway quill iquill Sounds exacty like this one horse town I moved to, especially the tooth or lack thereof and being related. The only thing ya left out was the long dirty oily hair.

Billy Bob Jones was fixin to marry Betty Sue Smith at the local VFW.The weddin' went without a hitch and now the bride & groom go to their hotel room and Betty Sue is takin' a fearful long time in the bathroom. She finally comes out with her purty flanel nightgown on and her face is all red from cryin'. Billy Bob is all concerned and wants to know whats wrong.
Betty Sue says" I got a horific confesshun to make and I don't wantcha gittin' upset."

He says"Now darlin', nothin' ya got to say kin make me upset and we's married now so's I'll always stick by ya."
Well, ya see I'm a virgin"
Well Billy Bob hits the ceiling , screamin' and rantin' and ravin'. Puts on is jeans n shirt and leaves slamin' the door behind him. He dirves his pickup truck like a maniac home to his Paw.
His paw wants to know what in tarnation he's doin' back home on his weddin' night.
Billy Bob relates that Betty Sue is a virgin.
To which Paw replies, "Well you certainly done right to leave her, if she ain't good 'nuf for her own family she ain't good 'nuf for you."
Stuck in sticks, Irene

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