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Garber Brothers Store Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) Thanks for bringing Garber Brothers to our attention. It brings back lots of memories of my early childhood.

My mother loved shopping there. She never ever wanted to get a baby sitter for me when I was a toddler. This resulted in my early introduction to her taking me along on the #6 bus from Jewett avenue in Westerleigh to Port Richmond. Just going to Port Richmond was a treat for a 5 year old.

I remember wandering around the store while she tried on hats. She absolutely loved the had department at Garber brothers. Frankly, that was the part that bored me to tears.

In fact, during one of her hat trying on excursions I wandered out of the store by myself and down the street. I turned around and suddenly realized she was not there. Well, you can imagine what happened next....remember I was a toddler. Yep......screaming and crying to beat the band.

I got over it but maybe the emotional attachment to the place keeps the name firmly in mind.

Another thing I have that adds to that is something my mother always had on her key chain. I think Garber brothers must have "invented" the charge card. She had a very fancy minted oval medal on her chain that included a number. The number was her credit charge number for the store. That way she was always prepared to spend even if there wasn't anything in her purse or in the bank, for that matter.

If any of you want to see a Garber Brothers charge charm, just say so and I will scan it and put it online.

Best regards.


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