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Garber Brothers Store Gina * Gina On 1/21/00 3:46:00 PM, iquill wrote:
In part:
>As to Garbers, the one and
>only thing I ever bought there
>was a beautiful fake fur coat
>in "59 and took 2 uses to go
>there every week and pay for
>it on layaway. It was $100.
>That's a lot of bus trips from
>Dongan Hills at $5. a week.
>Dont know whatever happened to
>that coat???

$5.00 a week for the bus to Garbers PR?

I lived in Richmond Town and in the sixties it was 15 cents to get on the bus w/ a free transfer to the bus that went to Richmond Avenue. That would add up to a total of 60 cents for 2 trips. If I remember right in the 50's it was 10 cents to get on the bus. Both in the 50's & 60's if you were a student and used the buses from 7 am to 7 pm the trip was free & later a nickel - of course the bus pass was supposed to be for "school reasons" only sooooooooooooo after school from NDHS we would take the longggggggg way home LOL 111 to FaWKaWners then transfer to the next bus (107?) to Port Richmond and return via the Clove Rd. (105?) /Richmond Road (113) transfer connection so it would be a different bus driver each time.

What was soooooooooooo great is that our parents had no problem with us traveling around on the bus system - they didn't have the amount & type of "trouble worry" that goes on today. WOW! Do I remember the "lay-a-way" plan that most of the stores extended to us. ND Lane Merchants were terrific bookkeepers with their black/white speckled note books for keeping hand written records LOL - they even knew how to add & subtract without the use of a calculator or computer. Gone R The Days..........


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