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Snow Dan Blaine DBLIVIT On 01/19/2000 5:56:00 PM, CharlieJ wrote:
>After graduating with all my
>high honors, I'm taking at
>least a semester off - Besides
>gotta turn my attention and
>talents to an RFP about to hit
>the street for our re-compete.
>(I be one a da key writers on

Charlie: good luck with the RFP! At one time I worked "around the Beltway" and we would prepare RFP's and figure bids to try for whatever contract we were after. The strange thing seemed like we would never win the contracts we really wanted, but somehow would win ones we just bid on to remain on the "qualified bidders' list".

I still am mystified by the awarding of government contracts...are the deals made on the golfcourse/taproom? Is there "schmiergeld" being handed under the table to a cousin or goombah?

The Germans laughed at Clinton's escapades with Monika, but now they are really up in arms about former chancellor Kohl's taking in millions of marks in "donations" since he has been in power...I wonder how many contracts were awarded as a result of those donations?...DAN

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