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Snow Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Well the prediction for tonight/tomorrow is now 5-6 inches for here. We'll see. Meanwhile that 1/2" was a disaster in DC. School buses were still stuck in traffic at 11PM. The beltway and routes away were vast parking lots. The excuse on the news was that traffic was melting the snow, it refroze immediately and at 15F to 18F degrees, salt did no good. I know salt does not melt snow below about 21 degrees, but a traffic jam for over 6 hours is a bit much!

After graduating with all my high honors, I'm taking at least a semester off - Besides gotta turn my attention and talents to an RFP about to hit the street for our re-compete. (I be one a da key writers on it). IF and when I do start on the BS, it'll be Capitol College, Johns Hopkins or UofMd. Something that they offer aboard NAS Pax or CCCC's Leonardtown campus where they dovetail the courses to CCCC's 2 year program. St. Mary's College is not in that program, although you can grab an occasional elective there. Would be nice to do it all at St. Mary's, it's only 3 miles from my house.


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