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Returning Marguerite Rivas sipoet Hi Vita or A.Losacco,
Sorry that the posts caused you pain. It's a shame that you had to check in just to see things that were traumatic for you. I hope you come back though. The good thing about this web board is that there is such an eclectic mix of people and interests. You never know what you are going to find. Seems as though you don't think much of Staten Island, though, considering your talking of having the "sense" to leave it. The one thing that I think binds us here, makes us a real community, is this island, like it or not. Yes, it sure has changed rapidly in the last forty or so years. As you can see, some people don't have just good memories, either. It has a lot of warts, but I love it anyway. There's something so vibrant about this place, even in the darkest corners. I have this Whitmanesque love for StatNislanders and an abiding passion for what natural beauty is left -- the Greenbelt, the beaches, even the dilapidated graveyards make me feel a kinship to people with whom I share a common heritage -- that being the soil beneath our feet and the waves lapping at our shores. Yet, I am truly sorry you have bad feelings about this "Rock." I'm sorry that my home was the staging ground for your pain. I hope you come back, though. This place needs all the Islanders,(both those who currently reside here and those who don't) it can get. Makes you ponder the geography of cyberspace.

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