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Hi Sandy,
I am a few years younger but I also have my fond memories of Stapleton.
My grandparents lived upstairs of the store on Van Duzer and Beach St. in the 50's actually I lived there the when I was first born.
My Aunt lived next door to the Brewery on Canal St., above Chip's Ice Cream Palor, my Uncle worked in the A&P also on Canal St. I use to have my dancing lessons across the street from the Brewery. I remember when they were brewing, we thought it was drizzling. Ohhh!!! the big clock.
My nana worked in Cushmans Bakery, in the Ferry Terminal. I loved sampling all the goodies.
I,as my mother attended St. Johns Baptist de la Salle, as well as Curtis.
I had another Aunt that lived on Grove St, and in the winter, that was the place to be, if you could make it to the top of the hill, with sled or box in hand.
My first experience with Milk Shakes and Cherry or Vanilla Cokes, was the pharmacy on Gordon St. and Broad. I miss those.
I loved Stapleton, my family has almost a hundred year history in Stapleton.

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