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Take down the StatNislander's Photo Album? Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) Folks,

My web management system tells me that there haven't been many visitors to the StatNislander's Photo Album since I changed the counter in April 1999. The pages of this site are about a lot of the folks who frequent and post to this site but many of those pictured no longer post or visit the SI-Web Gathering and Nostrivia. I have also requested some of the new regulars to submit photos so I can include them in the photo album but none have done so.

Therefore, I have decided to take it down. If there is a ground swell of interest, I will consider re-working the pages to take up less space or revise them so that the material people like to visit is retained.

I welcome any arguments pro or con my decision to take the site down.

Best regards.

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