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Snow YES!~ YES~ YES!~ Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu ok i got a snow story tooooooo

back in the olden days when staten island really got snow --- in da early sixties, me and two friends, carl perlin and charlie disogra got some shovels. it was snowing reall hard. so we did charlies front walk and driveway. then the three of us went around the neighborhood to look for more snow to shovel and get paid for it. we did about 5 houses when we began walking along forrest ave between clove road and bement ave.

i see this nice looking house and say hey theres a funeral palor, maybe they want their snow shoveled.... well charlie and carl start laughing so hard, their tears start to freeze. the funeral parlor turned out to be a restarunt. i can't remember da name of the place but it was realllll swanky.


p.s. send the snow here to maryland will ya.......pretty please.......

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