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Snow YES!~ YES~ YES!~ Memory - the other side LOL Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Okay, I gotta snow story.

This is really true.

Which reminds me first of a cop story.

Told to me by a cop, no less.

You know the difference between a fairy tale and a cop story?

A fairy tale begins, "Once upon a time..."

A cop story begins, "This really happened; this is no sh*t..."

Okay, so this really happened; this is no sh*t.

My friend Nicky R., and I decided to make a few bucks one day when it snowed like hell up on Grymes Hill, as we were both at Wagner and had access to some shovels. So we rang a few doorbells on the hill behind the campus to see if anyone wanted to spring for $20 to have their driveway and front walk shoveled.

The snow is really coming down. Those big flakes that look like nickels and are about as heavy. We're in our galoshes, pants all tucked in, hooded jackets, gloves, scarves, woolen mittens, the works.

So a very nice little old lady engages our services. Nick and I start shoveling. As fast as we get the snow out of the driveway, it piles up behind us, falling and drifting. We must've shoveled that driveway three times before we got it to where we could ring the doorbell and tell the old lady we'd finished and could we now have the twenty bucks we'd earned three times over.

We're sweating as Nick rings the bell. We're stamping our feet. Smoke is coming out of our mouths and noses. We're freezing and sweating at the same time. We wanna get outta there soonest.

The LOL comes out with the money, takes a look at our lovely job, hands over the money, and tells Nick, "The radio says this is the heaviest snowfall of the year!"

Without missing a beat, Nick tells her, "No sh*t, lady!" and that ended our frigid excursion into the icy terrain of hard work, with me laughing so hard my tears were freezing.


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