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Snow YES!~ YES~ YES!~ Memory - the other side LOL Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu hey mimi, where in vermountdo you live????

come on now, gotta know. my family from enoisburg, swanton, sheldon vermount area. other towns around the area also.

yea give me all the snow you can send. i don't mind. i won't shovel it at all. i have a big hugh snow blower just sitting in the side yard ready to go. bought it about 5 years ago. used it during the big snow storm couple years ago. did the entire street on my side. all the old timers, and some of the younger ones just loved me as i came by blowing all that stuff off the sidewalks and their drive ways. was i bloated with hot choc and coffee that day.

next day, did it again to clear out what the snow plough left behind.


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