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Mount Loretta - Friendship Club Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu Mount Loretto, note Loretta, prior to and during the 50's was a home for children, boys and girls, without parants or whos parants could not care for them.

i was a resident there along with my two brothers and two of my sisters, i have a total of 5 sisters, during the early 50's.

i was there for about 2 years, maybe nearly three, been so long ago.

there was a boys side and a girls side. the boys side had a working farm. in the front of the mount, where the church, since rebuilt because of the first, was a corn field with a gizabo.

in the back of the church area was the farm. i work in the stables when i was behaving. when i was bad, well, thats anuther story.

today, the mount, if the information i have received over the past couple years is correct is used as a druge rehab center. there is a elementary public school there.

the girls side has really gone down hill. my understanding is that the state of n.y. purchased the girls side, which has a beech and the cardinals house. it is to be part of some kind of park.

there is a mount loretto alumni association.

if you are interested let me know and ill get you more information on them. i am now a member of the association.


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