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Thank You Very Much Edward Morgan Family Info Thank you for your help ...I also found out some other very good information thanks to very good people like yourselves. I found out that my dad had a life long friend Bobby Bloom who also was at the Mount. He ended up marrying my dad's sister Anne? Both my dad Edward and Bobby worked on a farm at the Mount and also my dad may have learned some printing skills there and went on to work at a place called AJ Bart printing where he ended up getting Leukemia caused by the printing dye and dying. I don't want to believe that the Mount was a bad place but I can't imagine being left alone in a place like that. My dad was a good kid he was at the orphanage because his family was not able to support him and his many sisters Mary, Frances, Patricia, Anne, Theresa, Sally, Marie and one brother Peter Morgan. Now I have another question anyone hear of a place called Hawthorne? Maybe a home for children with developmental disabilities? There is supposably a sister of my dad's who resided there?

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