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Mount Loretta - Friendship Club John Ritter JR I attended Tottenville High School in the early 60's. The city school bus (Route # 103) used to stop at Mount Loretta.
It was a good school and many of the kids from the Mount were good students. The other kids who knew who they were either went out of their way to to be friendly for the most part. Others because or through their situation seemed to be extraordanrally tough and stayed to themselves. Many of the kids also frequented the public beach at Wolfe's pond park during the summer. Nothing much was ever said about Mount Loretta except rumors that traveled through the normal school grapevine. I have heard from others that lived there both extremes, from it was the best thing that ever happened to me to what would be considered a very bad situation. Living there must have been like the service living dormitory style in a a hard situation.


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