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Mount Loretto - Friendship Club Gina * Gina Mount Loretto is/was (not sure if it still exists) an orphanage on Staten Island so was St. Michaels...that was until the early 70's when it seemed like every "in need of supervision" kid from all over the five boroughs started being sent there.

P.S. 25 was the name of one of the schools on the grounds. I worked there in one of the schools special centers for emotionally & socially underdeveloped teenagers (to put it mildly)during mid 70's - this was just a small population of the Mount. There were many other children there, some who lived on the grounds from the time they were babies others who found their way thought the courts due to home situations that didn't or no longer exited. There were a variety of good an bad services/events at both foundling homes. Seeing as most often the reason kids ended uP there was because they needed a home of some kind - I would say it was good that The Mount & St. Mike's both existed. Overall they were good kids taken out of bad situations and given the opportunity to establish a good life for themselves, if they chose to.

Back in the 50's many of the children from Mount Loretto & St. Michaels Home were starting to be sent to schools off the grounds. St. Patrick's in Richmond Town - I think St. Louis was another one of the choices - don't know the rest. I graduated St. Pats w/ John Roach, Sal Martinez who lived at the Mount or St. Michaels. There were several other kids from the Mt. but I don't recall their names...

I'm not sure if anyone is there to help with your search or if they have anything to do w/ old records from Mount Loretto but ya might want to contact:

Mt Loretto Friendship Club
6581 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY

As far as you Dad attending Tottenville High School I would call the school and ask for the Alumni Association Coordinator - they many have kept in touch w/ him for reunions etc. and have more current info. available for you.

Wishing you best results in your search.

Hope this helps :)


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